World Domination is the name of an ad hoc UK based art collective whose members, practising artists in their own right, occasionally work together to put on group exhibitions in the UK and overseas.

Founders: Lisa Donovan and Isabel Lima.

Current exhibitors:

Frank Foy, Lisa Donovan, Kathy Wyatt, Eve Donnadieu, Joyce Iwaszko, Behjat Omer Abdulla, Phil Hardaker.


WD12: Schloss Blumenthal, Blumenthal 1, 86551, Aichach-Klingen, Germany

Previous participating artists include: Mark Hollis, Yanni Lu, Tove Andrews, Kathy Wyatt, Gina Workman, Gwyddion Flint, Fenya Sharkey, Lizzie Hingley, Jennifer Sassi, Behjat Omer Abdulla, Richard Tungate, Sahdia Kauser, Nicola Hilditch, Sian Davies, Becky Hart, Samantha Gordon, Indira Verdi, Lewis Hughes Evans, Jane Wilber, Craig Hawkes, James Bettaney, Adele Beattie, OB Square, Afonso Lima, Ben Harding, Runayker

WD12, Germany, 08/17

WD10, Eastbourne, 05/12

WD8, Coventry, 02/12

WD6, Germany, 10/09

WD4, London, 06/09

WD2, Stoke-on-Trent, 06/08

WD11, Germany, 10/15

WD9, Coventry, 04/12

WD7, Hastings, 07/11

WD5, Portugal, 08/09

WD3, Germany, 10/09